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Benchmark Email

Email marketingBenchmark Email

Benchmark Email is email marketing and newsletter software.

Benchmark Email Software Deal

Looking for a great deal on Benchmark Email? We worked directly with the team to give you an even better deal on their email marketing software. You will be sending newsletters through their system in no-time, knowing that you had an awesomely good deal.

Deal Details

In addition to your normal subscription you get the following extras:

  • Extra  Benchmark Email discount of extra 10% on any plan
  • 3 hours deluxe onboarding; help with setting up your first email templates and data
  • Exclusive guide to Email List Building with Benchmark Email
  • Several discounts on additional software
  • (to be determined)

How to Claim this deal

  • 1. Register for a Benchmark Email trial account using the button below
  • 2. You will get an email directly from Benchmark
  • 3. The deals are yours!

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