IBM Watson Marketing Automation

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IBM Watson Marketing Automation

IBM Watson Marketing AutomationIBM Watson Marketing Automation

IBM Watson Marketing Automation is enterprise email marketing and automation software Suite.

IBM Watson Marketing Automation

Looking for the best price for IBM Marketing automation software? We have created agreements with IBM Watson marketing Automation experts to give you the best deal possible.

We appreciate that purchasing an Enterprise ESP is a big decision – so check out how we made it completely risk-free as well.

Deal Details

We did our best to offer you the most complete package at a very competitive price making this really special, with the total package having a value of over $5.000. Here’s what you get:

  • Before you buy:
  • Free 1 hour consultancy call
  • Demo + Evaluation guide for the system
  • Integration & implementation Checklist
  • Once you choose IBM Watson Marketing Automation
  • 5%-10% discount on any custom pricing plan
  • $1.500 consultancy voucher
  • 3 hours deluxe onboarding; help with setting up your first email templates and data
  • Email template conversion + Online training
  • Several discounts on additional software
  • Awesome Goodie surprise package for your team

How to Claim this deal

  • 1. Get in touch using the button below
  • 2. You will get an email directly from our experts
  • 3. The deals are yours!

Key IBM Watson Marketing Automation Key Features

  • Campaign automation
  • Email, mobile, social, marketing
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Customer journey building
  • Watson Marketing Assistant
  • Reporting & statistics

IBM Marketing automation Quick Facts

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IBM Discount Deluxe onboarding Consultancy Voucher

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Custom - starts at $1.500